Insured Shipping


Truck-Time offers shipping solutions to worldwide destinations

Our in-house shipping department is located in Antwerp, Belgium

You can rely on our long standing relation between Truck-Time and the approved dealers to be sure of a smooth buying process and fast delivery. Thanks to our big volumes, all our customers benefit from the low transport prices and the unique collaboration between Truck-Time and the approved dealers.

When ordering your purchase(s) via Truck-Time, you will have only one point of contact for the entire process up to delivery to the port of destination. Our overseas agents will be glad to assist you with your import formalities and if needed oncarriage to the needed inland destination.

You are free to choose if you want to arrange inspection, purchase and shipping via Truck-Time in order to have a reliable partner from the start up to the fast delivery of your equipment.

Truck-Time Maritime Insurance

All cargo we handle is insured by the best insurance companies in order to protect your purchase at all time.

The insurance prices are very attractive and are divided in two categories.

Vehicle(s) as from 8 year or older

For units older than 8 years, the insurance is covering: Mainly total loss and theft of the entire vehicle.

Vehicle(s) up to 8 years

When the units are younger than 8 years, an all-risk maritime insurance will protect your investment from port to port.